Will traces back to Tooke bucking horse bloodlines. He started his career as a three-year old Pracțice bronc for the Miles Community College rodeo team. After a year he loaded onto a trailer of broncs bound for the JS Rodeo Company at Great Falls, Montana. Two years later Will found himself closer to home in the Newman Rodeo Company at Melstone, Montana. Newman’s company eventually went to breeding bucking horses instead of contracting. Being a gelding, Will was temporarily homeless once again until he found himself at the Ross Rodeo Company located north of Jordan, Montana.

There he stayed until a year of drought and grass shortage caused the Ross outfit to cut back on their number of broncs. So, ten years after leaving Miles Community College, Will came full circle and was back at Miles City providing practice for the rodeo team. Will was always bucked out at least twice and sometimes four times at practice sessions, saddle bronc and bareback. This is where one of those ‘twists of fate’ happens.


The Creator of Earl, who was also the rodeo coach for Miles Community College, found himself without a personal horse to ride. Will, now seventeen, and the Creator of Earl, sixty-nine, are both retired from rodeo but not from general cowboy work…however, Ol’ Will still occasionally takes a nostalgic look back at the bucking chutes.

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