Order Your Cowboyin’ with Earl Calendars Today!

Cowboyin’ with earl is perfect for your business! You can’t go wrong when you add your business promotion and logo on the original Cowboyin’ with Earl Calendar. Earl Calendars are collector items and reread for years!

Bulk Discounts Available…

If you are designing your own drop-leaf the printable area is 10″ by 1.5″

Of course, many of us have resorted to using our smart phones to input this data and have reminders set on our phones. But for some people the traditional wall calendar just helps keep dates and special moments to commemorate at the forefront.

For businesses this a cheap, cost effective way of getting their advertising out to many people and staying put for at least a year. So the challenge becomes to create a USEFUL but still ATTRACTIVE calendar that your customer or potential client would WANT to hang in their home or office. So let Earl help you out!

Why Advertising Calendars?

Because They Are…

  1. Personal – Advertising calendars are among the most diverse groups of products available. There is a size and style to suit any client.
  2. Economical – The cost per exposure every day for 365 days a year is minimal, especially when compared to other forms of advertising.
  3. Useful – Everybody refers to a calendar in order to conduct their daily business and personal lives.
  4. Appreciated – Surveys indicate that the average number of calendars per home is four and that most businesses have at least two. The average cost of a retail-style calendar is approximately $9.95. Is it any wonder why calendars are appreciated and how they build goodwill?
  5. Versatile – Advertising messages can be distributed to the workplace, to the home or within the community. Calendars may be placed anywhere buying decisions are made.
  6. Practical – Calendars are only distributed to a targeted audience. Circulation can be easily controlled.

Presentation Tips…

  1. Research shows that people refer to their calendars four to five times a day. By distributing 100 imprinted calendars to your customers, your image can be viewed up to 500 times a day. Annually, this exposure results in over 100,000 positive mental images of your business or organization!
  2. “The only advertising people ask for…” is calendar advertising. Unlike television viewers or newspaper readers, customers essentially ask for this advertisement year after year. People need and use calendars to manage their time and receiving a calendar as a gift makes it all the more beneficial.
  3. Calendar advertising promotes a product or service for an entire year and provides benefits to the customer at the same time. This unique combination is truly effective for building goodwill and reinforcing long-term relationships.
  4. Calendars can be produced in a variety of attractive designs. A good design with meaningful images and quality construction can insure the use of the calendar.

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